The Aquante brand was created for dynamic, self-confident and self-taste-aware customers looking for a unique design at a price that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

In return, it offers timeless, minimalist solutions that will work both in modernist interiors and give an eclectic character to adapted classic bathrooms.

Shower cabins with the Aquante logo inspire and encourage you to explore. Reaching for it, customer receives a package of ideas for his bathroom, which he will be able to implement in your Showroom (shoop).

There are six collections under this brand:



All of them are made of high quality safety tempered glass embedded in solid, designer fittings. Aquante collections are available in a wide range of fitting colors, glass types and dimensions.

Red Shark shower cabins are aesthetic constructions that will satisfy every customer who paying attention to the price of the product.
The idea that guided their creation was the perfect balance between price, quality and users' perception of the functionality and aesthetics of the economic shower cubicle.

These are simple solutions that will satisfy both: individual customers shopping in large-format stores, as well as business ones. It is possible to prepare RED SHARK products in the own brands of business customers, we modify designs according to requirements of business partners.

At the special request of our business partners, we modify our constructions according to their requirements.