About us


MATT & MART was founded in 2019. It connects people with many years of experience in the production of shower cabins and bathroom accessories to create new bathroom furnishings based on their practice.

Accessories are produced under two trade brands: Aquante and RED SHARK, which can be bought in traditional and modern sales network in Poland and abroad.

The head office is located in the middel of Wielkopolska about 35 km from Poznań, in Środa Wielkopolska. Excellent location and production allows you to efficiently process orders from all over Europe.

Thanks to the involvement of design and quality department, and also close cooperation with architects and interior designers, our products not only meet all standards, but also are a guide of new trends.



Our products were created out of love for design and understanding the needs of users.

We are guided by the philosophy of combining what is practical and comfortable and on what we keep an eye.

We strive to make the production of our shower cabins as environmentally friendly as possible. Striving for sustainable development, we seek and implement solutions that will be as least invasive for the natural environment.

We use only recycled elements in our packaging.

We have completely abandoned the use of foil and foamed polystyrene fillings.